Winter 2015 Pre-College Research Symposium

Dear Pre-College Students:

The Winter 2015 Pre-College Research Symposium is the culmination of the activities and dissemination process of the Saturday Academy Program of the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS). For a period of four months, since August 2015, all of you, worked long hours in the research laboratories of the AGMUS campuses, Univerisdad del Este, Universidad del Turabo, Universidad Metropolitana-Jayuya, C.R.O.E.M., Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, among others, with the guidance and mentorship of fourty-eight professors and student research mentors in two-hundred thirty-three research projects in the areas of astronomy, atmospheric sciences, biology, genomics, bio-mathematics, bio-statistics, computational chemistry, computer sciences, applied mathematics, engineering, environmental sciences, physics, and robotics.

One of the objectives of the Winter 2015 Pre-College Research Symposium is to offer young motivated high school researchers the opportunity to learn and to practice their communication skills in a formal professional scientific meeting. A second objective is to give high school students of Puerto Rico a forum for the presentation of the results and findings of their research projects to teachers, research mentors, family members, and the university community at large.

The Ana G. Méndez University and the Student Research Development Center are proud of the results obtained by the pre-college students and their mentors in the Winter 2015 Saturday Academy Program and the Winter 2015 Pre-College Research Symposium. I hope your experience inspires you and your peers to select science, technology, engineering or mathematics as your field of study in the near future.

Registration Deadline is November 30, 2015.