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  • Workshop Registrations (Spaces are limited)
    • Free Computer Workshops (Friday September 16, 2011)
      • "Making Computer Departments More Welcoming and Accessible to Students with Disabilities."
        Presented by Dr. Richard Ladner, University of Washington
      • "Machine Learning and the Future of Biomedical Research."
        Presented by Dr. Robert Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University
      • "Emerging Trends in Computing: Cloud Compiting and IT for Sustainability."
        Presented by Ms. Martina Trucco, HP Worldwide Research Development
      • "Getting to know the Computation Directorate at LLNL"
        Presented by Mr. Anthony Baylis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
      • "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence"
        Presented by Dr. Andrew Williams, Spelman College
    • ECS - Scratch - Saturday, September 17, 2011; 1:00pm
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