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Résumé Guidelines

When creating your résumé it is important to think like a salesman. Think of yourself as the product and think of the person (albeit a university, a potential employer or any other person) as a customer. The résumé lays out why this product (yourself) distinguishes itself from other products and why the customer will be inclined to acquire the product. This simple analogy will help you construct your résumé. Remember that what you write is your presentation card, it is the only recollection and data that the reader will have about you, so you must pinpoint your strengths and aligned them with what is required of the position you are looking for.

There isn’t a clear cut way to do a résumé, there are a diversity of styles but most of them have a heading (your basic information), experience (professional or in case of a student any research experience they may have) and education.

Parting from the example illustrated bellow you may create a résumé with the following sections:

Very important is to remember to be honest in your résumé; integrity should never be negotiable. Be clear, use simple language, and do not make it too long or too short. And remember your résumé is your presentation card so it should be as close to perfect (grammatically and structurally) as it can be. Finally, implement your unique touch to your résumé, use this only as a guideline.