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Fulbright Visiting Scholars (2007)




Adhanet H. Kidane, Ph.D. Candidate
February 2, 2007

Radbond University Nijmegen

“The Melanotrope Cell of Xenopus Laevis: A Model for Neuroendocrine Integration”

Dr. Andrejs Cebers
February 9, 2007

University of Latvia

“Active System in Electromagnetic Fields: From Flexible Magnetic Filaments to Magnetotactic Bacteria”

Dr. Volker Wulf
February 23, 2007

University of Siegen
Fraunhofer, Germany

“A Practice-Based Approach to Human-Centred Computing”

Dr. Neil Heideman
February 23, 2007

University of the Free State
Bloemfontein, South Africa

“South Africa Biodiversity: Overview, Management, Research and Socio-Economic Challenges”

Dr. Ramón Canal
March 2, 2007

Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

“Future Trends and Challenges in the Microprocessor World”

Dr. Ivona Mladinco
March 30, 2007

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Split, Croatia

“Why it is Fun to be a Parasite”

Dr. Benjamin Vallejo
April 13, 2007

University of Philippines

“The Philippines as a Biodiversity Hotspot: Research and Conservation Development”

Dr. Linas Lozys
April 20, 2007

Institute of Ecology of Vilnius University
Vilnius, Lithuania

“Application of Fish Otolith Microchemical Analysis Method for Practical Needs Tracing Fish Migration Through the Salinity Gradients: Case Study in Lithuania”

Dr. Abla Albsoul
April 27, 2007

University of Illinois at Chicago

“The Effect of Ghrelin on TRP Ion Channels in the Brain”

Dr. Nidal A. Younes
April 27, 2007

University of Illinois at Chicago

“Islet Cell Transplantation as a Treatment of Diabetes”

Dr. Oleg Kucher
August 31, 2007

Ohio State University

“Land Use Indicators for Agro-Diversity in Ukraine”

Dr. Adriana Daudt Grativol
November 30, 2007

Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluinense

“Shadows of a Golden Pastigenetic Loss of Golden Liontamarius During the Past 200 Years”


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