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Fulbright Visiting Scholars (2004)




Dr. Ming Men
March 19, 2004

University of International Business and Economics
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

“Past, Present and Future of the People’s Republic of China”

Dr. María José Barrero
April 23, 2004

University of Barcelona

“Regulation of Gene Expression: The Transcriptional Control”

Dr. Guillelmo Gómez-Ceballos
April 30, 2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Applications of High Energy Physics”

Dr. Eva Castells
May 21, 2004

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“The Effects of Elevated CO2 on Phenolic Compounds”

Mr. Thiago A.S. Pardo
October 22, 2004

University of Southern California at Los Angeles
University of Sao Paulo

“Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing”

Dr. Fernando Maestre Gil
November 22, 2004

Duke University
University of Alicante
Dept. of Ecology

“Plant-Plant Interactions in Degraded Semiarid Ecosystems: Implications for Community Dyamics and Ecosystem Restoration”

Dr. Marco A. Martín Fernández
November 24, 2004

Harvard Medical School
University of Valladolid

“Tensor Signal Processing: Bayesian Regularization”


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