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Oscar González, Ph.D.

Oscar González, Ph.D.


Gonzalez, O.I. & Novaco, R.W. Effects of Comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression on Anger in Soldiers Returning from Combat Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Manuscript in preparation.

Novaco, R.W., Swanson, R.D., Gonzalez, O.I., Gahm, G.A., & Reger, M.D. (In Press). Combat-Related PTSD and Anger: Validation of a Brief Anger Measure with U.S. Soldiers Post-Deployed from Iraq and Afghanistan. Psychological Assessment.

Novaco, R.W., & Gonzalez, O.I. (2009). Commuting and Well-being. In Y. Amichai-Hamburger (Ed.), Technology and Psychological Well-Being (pp. 174-205). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.