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Student Publications

The following is a list of MIE/SRDC scholarship students that have published articles. If you click on their names you will be taken to the list of their published works.

Name University
Gadiel Ayala UMET
Ricardo Cordero, Ph.D. Arizona State University
Victor Correa UMET
Oscar González, Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
Amir González Delgado, Ph.D. UMET
Marien Maldonado University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mitsa Maldonado University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ángela Ortiz-Nieves, Ph.D. Arizona State University
Glorcelys Rivera, Ph.D. New Mexico State University
Fabio Sánchez, Ph.D. Cornell University
Joseph Serrano-Matos UMET
Cristina Tatis Ríos University of Connecticut
Terannie Vázquez, Ph.D. Arizona State Unviersity

For a full list of publications, please click here.